• With the very latest in Snap On Modis Edge diagnostic equipment, be sure that our mechanics will find and rectify that fault!

    Diagnostics at a fraction of the cost at the dealers

  • FREE MOT with every Full Service

  • Exhausts and catalytic converters for all makes and models plus a full range of premium and budget tyres available

  • Keep your car chilly this summer with our air conditioning re-gassing and servicing


We offer a range of tyres in all sizes. We can also offer excellent value for money with our budget tyres or we can give a quote on any branded tyre. Feel free to pop in at any time for a free tyre check. We can offer advise as to the condition of a tyre and in regard to the MOT. We also dispose of the used tyre free of charge.


JM Motoring can offer a full range of exhausts for all makes and models of vehicle. In addition to this we can supply Catalytic Converters at competitive prices. Please ask for a free quote.