• With the very latest in Snap On Modis Edge diagnostic equipment, be sure that our mechanics will find and rectify that fault!

    Diagnostics at a fraction of the cost at the dealers

  • FREE MOT with every Full Service

  • Exhausts and catalytic converters for all makes and models plus a full range of premium and budget tyres available

  • Keep your car chilly this summer with our air conditioning re-gassing and servicing

Using the latest Snap On Modis Edge diagnostics fault finding tool we can pinpoint a fault with complete accuracy.

Our diagnostic equipment is capable of testing individual components. Whether it’s an engine management light or service light re-set we can carry out a full range of diagnostic checks and offer solutions.

Fault Codes

  • We can identify, print and clear the fault codes logged in your cars memory

Service lights

  • Using the Snap On Modis Edge diagnostic machine we can reset the service light on your cars dash


  • Regeneration of your diesel engines DPF is an important operation, we can control this cycle here in our workshop